Create values of a lookup column by formula

Hi! Im new to Coda, so apologize if Im askins silly questions.

Im looking for a way of automatically create the value of a Lookup column by a formula.

So I have a table with Units_ID, each ID being made out of a concatenate of Project-Building-Unit In another table, Jobs_Done, I have info of jobs done, where I have several fields including 1 column for Project, 1 for Building and 1 for Unit.

I will like to add a column to this table with a lookup to Units_ID, but I would like to have automatically assigned the corresponding Unit_ID by a formula (a concatenate from columns Project, Building, Unit) or any other way, rather than having to select it one-by-one myself.

Is this something possible? are there any other workarounds for selecting lookup values rather than one by one?


Hey there! Can your share an example doc it copy of your doc? Would be much easier to help that way

In the table you provided, I see BLDG and UNIT. Do you also have PROJECT in that table? If so, I believe you can achieve it this way:

  1. Create UNIT_ID column in Jobs_Done table and fill with Project-Building-Unit format.
  2. Give UNIT_ID in the table above the formula:

Concatenate(thisRow.PROJECT, "-", thisRow.BLDG, "-", thisRow.UNIT)

  1. Switch the column to Lookup and lookup using the column UNIT_ID in Jobs_Done table

Hope this help!
Let me know if this work.

Hi! Sorry for the delay!

@Dayton_Dang thanks for your help, but unfortunately it doesnt works, Im getting the following error message:

Any other ideas?

Btw, Im looking for a “dynamic” solution, meaning that I will be adding new data every week (all columns, except for the last one Unit_ID), and would be great if values on the Unit_ID column, could be generated automatically from the input of Project-Bldg-Unit.

Let me know if Im not being clear.


Link to the example doc:

@Scott_Collier-Weir FYI


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