Creating a chart that tracks social media follower growth over time

Hi Coda community,

I run a talent management company with 30+ talent signed to the roster. I am trying to track follower growth over time for each talent. We write down the social media follower counts for each talent, each quarter and are currently tracking them in an excel.

What would be the best way to visualize this via a chart and how would I organize the table?


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Hi @Stefan_Hsiao,

This is a basic setup you could use …

hi @Rohan_Mitchell ,

I would love to see your contribution, would you be so kind to update your share settings?
cheers, Christiaan

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Sorry about that, it should work now?? :grimacing:

yes, it is visible, but I have no time right away to look into it
merci, cheers, christiaan

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This is amazing - thank you Rohan!!

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