Creating a table from a table template


Is there any way where we can make a Table Template, define the column types and their relationships. And then use that table as a template for other tables to fill the data in?

I don’t want to copy table N times, plus coping the table makes the other table its view. :frowning:

Any help is appreciated.


Yes this can be done

Create the template you wish and Copy it (Ctrl-C)

Then Paste it (Ctrl-V) wherever you want a new copy. When you past it, choose to “Duplicate Data” rather than to “Link” data:

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Thank you so much. This really helped. @Richard_Kaplan
Have a great day. :slight_smile:


@Richard_Kaplan - For some reason, and I’m sure I’m missing something here, I do not have the “link data/duplicate data” options. Is this feature still available?

Thanks in advance for any help!

  • Tim

@Tim_Wirick - Hi. To get the Link Data/Duplicate Data options, you need to click on the dropdown arrow (see above) which appears when you paste the data.


Hey @Tim_Wirick, just to be crisp here, you need to copy the the entire table (not just data in the table) before doing the paste to get the Link Data/Duplicate Data options. I just wrote an article about how to select a table quickly (by pressing the Escape key) :grin:

Here is the help article written by @mallika on getting these options to show up.


Good to go! Thanks!

  • Tim