Creating forms to populate multiple rows - Football match predictions

First time using Coda, so Hello to everyone and if I ask stupid questions please forgive me but I will pick this up eventually.

I currently have a football scores prediction sheet in google sheets.

I enter the matches then my friends via a whatsapp group send their predictions which I then have to enter. Only 5 of us but it is a pain.

So I figured a great way to learn Coda.

I have entered a predictions table. Now I would like to have a Form which I can give a like to my friend and they can enter their predictions for that date.

Easy to start with how do I create a form to enter data?

Secondly I would like to enter the matches due then when someone clicks on the form it will populate the form with the matches due on a given date. They then enter their name the the predictions and the form creates the rows in the predictions table.

I am not a techie so if this is going to need me to become a coder then stop me now before I run out of talent :grin:

But seriously how difficult is this.

Once I have the predictions populated then I can worry about calculating points won for correct predictions.

Any help gratefully received