Creating Invoice & Line numbers with dash in-between

Hello, I’m having trouble combing a couple of formulas in Coda. I want to display an invoice number which is the document title as well as sequential line numbers in the format “A100100-001”.

I know you can use the
function to show the invoice number from the page title, and here is the formula I have for getting the -001 part:
Format(“-{1:000}”,A100100.find(thisRow).LeftPad(3, 0))
However, I can’t seem to combine these into one formula. I am just learning formulas. Can you please help?

Hi Alex

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Try concatenate(). You can either concatenate the two columns in a third column, or you could take the two formulas and put them inside the concatenate.


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Thank you so much, that does work just separating them with a comma!

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