Creating as location for docs

I’ve just upgraded my account to be able to connect to a custom domain.

I’m using coda to create multiple profiles that will go onto a website.

I want to give each profile a different URL, using the same subdomain, for example:
(sorry for the spaces in the examples below, new members can’t post multiple links)

x. myurl. com/profile1
x. myurl. com/profile2
x. myurl. com/profile3

I can’t see how to do this. I can only see how to edit the subdomain.

x. myurl. com
y. myurl. com

This isn’t ideal, as then every single subpage will require its own domain connection.

If anyone knows if it’s possible to create custom page urls once you’ve connected the domain, I’d be very grateful.

Hey @David_Fallon thanks for reaching out to the community! Because custom domains can only be set at the DNS (domain) level, you can only have 1 doc to 1 domain, or 1 doc to 1 subdomain.
Subfolders are not supported.
If you want to set it up like how you’ve described, you could create subpages in a single doc with the profile names.

Hello @Jasmine_B

Thank you for this solution, it’s a good workaround.

I just tested and it won’t quite work for my use case unfortunately. We don’t want to give everyone access to every profile. It looks like each subpage links back to the main page of the doc, which contains links to every subpage, so it opens things up a bit too much.

I appreciate the help nonetheless.

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