CRM-heads, help!

Hello! I’m an NYC standup comedian, and I want dearly to scale up my gig booking capabilities, so I can grow.

I’m adapting my current gig booking operation to this template Business OS @John_Coda / @John_Scrugham , but I keep getting lost on how to organize my tables, especially when I start chasing leads. Please help!

I have 3 big tables, in no particular order:
(1) Venues - clubs, theaters, indie locations; and sometimes digital;
(2) Contacts - bookers, producers, comics, agents, managers, any huminoid with a connection to a career prospect; and
(3) Shows - permanent-like longstanding shows with a venue and contacts, festivals, pop-ups, etc .

In any gig booking lead/deal, I could chasing and contacting any permutation of the above tables: to make a deal with a booker from a show; a show production group, unknown person thru a referral as a form of discovery for a possible lead; a completely cold call submission to a festival; a venue with a booker/producer that can book for multiple venues; a producer at a venue; a general venue; a comedy production group; a producer; a freelance booker; a comic; a simple referral; etc etc.

Each gig booking lead/deal needs the capability to have multiple booking dates and times attached to it, as well as the capability to have proposed dates as place holders during negotiation, i.e. a production group or venue could offer me 2 shows in a night at the same venue, but a prospective booking the following day (anywhere).

Any pitches of booking pipleline status systems is welcomed, too

I’ve taken a crack at it, but my clarity-hungry mind keeps giving up, because I need clarity on a hierarchy or flow, I’M LOST. How do I adapt the CRM template Business OS to the above parameters.

Thanks my CRM-heads.

Hey d_y :wave: thanks for checking out my template.

Looks like you have many many dimensions to your opportunities whereas the template is just a few: company/ contact, opportunity, status, close date (two core tables).

I’d recommend some sort of Union table ( that merges the objects you’re tracking like venues contacts shows so that you can relate them to one another. This is a distinctly new table that has lookups to the others.

As for multiple tentative dates. Try a multi select that connects to a date table…. I know, it’s starting to get messy, but you don’t want multiple date columns on a table because it’s both limiting and breaking good system design hygiene.

Hope that gets you pointed in the right direction!

i’ll give it a go. thank you! i understand what it’s doing but i’m not quite sure how to use it to translate the types of opportunities I encounter into a coda column.

PS the CRM template you made and the coda series on crm building vibes so hard.