Suggestions for A CRM

Hi there community,
I am wondering if yall can help me figure out the best way to alter my CRM to fit my needs.

I work as a consultant/business coach, so I have a variety of clients that I keep track of using a CRM in Coda:

  • table for companies with different contacts (separate table) associated
  • projects (1-time and ongoing are separate tables) that have values, connected to the companies in order to see total client value

That’s the basics.
I’m running into an issue though, when it comes to the various partners/contractors that I work with.
Before I write a manuscript or share an example doc about what is going wrong (it has to do with my total client value calculation in relationship to the contractor cut) I would love to hear how others in the community are keeping track of similar things: client value and contractor/cost of services.


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Hi Demetrius,

Hope you’re doing well! And nice to e-meet you, I am part of Coda’s Success team - we are here to make sure that Coda Makers have all the tools they need to succeed.

I would love to brainstorm with you on some ideas for tracking your client value/COS, would you have an interest in setting up a call? You can access my calendar here!

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