Help! Building a custom CRM for my nutritional practice

Hi guys! New to Coda, but loving it!

I’m slowly but surely building a little coda doc to manage my nutrition practice.

What I’m trying to build is a bit tricky, at least from a newbie’s perspective:

  1. I have a list of clients, and each client has multiple check ups.
  2. I need these check ups to be stored inside the “chart” of each client
  3. I need to compare the last two check up values from each client to know if they’ve gained weight, or dropped.
  4. I need to then be able to generate a chart that I can email each client with their info.

Not sure if I can build all this in Coda. I’m sifting through tutorials and formulas and trying out a million things, but some guidance would be amazing.

Appreciate any amount of help guys!

Here’s a sketch to get you started:

You can clone it into your own Coda account and play further.

It handles:

  • Clients
  • Check-ups
  • A rudimentary ‘chart’ (you can hover on the dates in the client table to see the check-up details)
  • An email summary you can send by selecting the client

It doesn’t yet do the appointment-to-appointment weight changes, but hopefully this solves a couple problems for you. Let me know if you have any questions about how it works.


Awesome starting point! Love the email template. Thank you so much!

I’m playing around with weight changes. However it gets tricky when all I need are the values of the last two checkups. When a client has say, 7 checkups already, I can’t get it to just show change from the last 2.

Any ideas?

Great example @Nick_HE!

If you tweak the formula for “Checkups” to this, it will sort them by most recent first and limit it to only two…

[Check-Ups].Filter(Client.Contains(thisRow)).Sort(false,[Date and Time]).Slice(1,2)

The “false” in sort refers to ascending being true or false.
The [Date and Time] is the column that it sorts by.
And Slice(1,2) takes the values starting at 1 and ending at 2. So if you want the first through fourth, just change it to Slice(1,4).


Thanks Ben!
For the practice CRM I would need to see all checkup data, not just the last two. However, weight and other measurement comparisons are usually done between just the last two values, or the first and last value.

Any way to do this?

You can do pretty much whatever you want with the doc! I’d say to start working with the formulas and getting to know the system.

Here’s a good place to start:

You can create other columns with similar formulas that will return different results. There are different views you can use as well.

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Jumping off from BenLee’s formula, I’ve updated the original doc with the weight change calculations.

Basically if you want to see all the data, you can still filter to ‘all’ for any table views, email templates, etc. that you want. Separate from that, you can have a formulas that slice to just the last two appointments.

You’ll see in the columns, I’ve used a modified version of BenLee’s formula to pull just the most recent appointment, and then just the second most recent appointment, and then subtracting in a third column (and if you don’t want to see this clutter, you could also collapse all of these into a single formula in a single column, or you could also use the great Coda feature of hiding columns that you want to preserve but don’t want to see).


@Nick_HE @BenLee
Thanks guys for all your help! I think I have the basics to work on this project. I’ll keep at come back if there’s any snags. I’m starting to realize the power and flexibility of Coda!! Excited!

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