Currency in Table Symbol Display


I know this has kind of been covered before but I will ask the question in a slightly different context.

Hello all,
I have a set of calculations I am doing across a table (See imaged attached). Each column is in Yen. The final column displays the numbers in US dollars.
To get the USD column to DISPLAY the Symbol I need to make sure the calculation performed within the USD column is done on NUMBERS and not CURRENCY. To do this I need to keep the previous columns formatted to a NUMBER rather than a CURRENCY. This is not ideal but my current workaround.
Note I am doing my own calculation to convert from one currency to another so I am not looking for this type of functionality.

Is there any way to force or make each of the columns display the Symbol of choice (¥ or $) or is there any plan to change the functionality of this column type?



Hey Sean,

You can use ToNumber() in your calculations. That sorts it out. I’ve come across this situation before.
[Column 1].ToNumber()+[Column 2].ToNumber()

So the columns can be any currency.
Hope this helps!


Hi Michael,

Yes, This almost worked.

Have you ever seen this before. I have two cells that do not think they contain a number.
I have traced the data trail for these cells and cannot explain why it does not recognize them.

Note they do not have the $ Symbol next to them but the number is calculated correctly.

Any ideas?