How to show Hungarian Forint as currency?

Hello! Can you tell me a way how to show the Hungarian Forint currency? It is not pre-set and I did not find a work around. :frowning:

i think the only way is to store the amounts as Number columns and where necessary have a seperate column with the formula

Concatenate(Amount,’ Ft’)

which sticks the Ft symbol on the end and displays that

but that formatted column cant be used in arithmetic formulas because it generates a Text result and not a Number

i have the same problem with the Euro currency

so i normally just put the euro symbol in the column title to show the currency

Coda has not made any progress internationalizing its product. which is seen as somewhat ‘amateurish’ in international markets. ive worked on a great many software products in my time and internationalization was never an after-thought, it was always built-in from the start. but i suspect american companies dont have the same world view.

so for now we must work-around all over the place; currencies, dates, start-of-the-week etc


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This should help also

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What do you mean @Xyzor_Max :thinking: ?

The Euro (€) symbol is available in the list of symbol in the Options of the Currency Column :blush: .

Euro Currency

Sadly yes, the Forint (Ft) is not :pensive: and using a Concatenate() or Format() workaround still applies…

i have clients who operate in countries where they append the currency symbol to the END of the amount, not the beginning. this persists even though it contravenes the ‘official’ currency rules because its how their original currency was demarked… just as many people say ‘euros’ even though the ‘official’ policy was that the plural should be ‘euro’.

so in greece, for example, many clients expect the euro symbol to be or the right ( and are confused by using the dot for decimals and the comma for thousands).

when i append the currency symbol to the end, it converts the field into a string and endangers its usage by users in arithmetic formulas later. so ive adopted the strategy of appending the euro symbol to the column header.


Oh, I see :confused: … Thank you for those precisions @Xyzor_Max :blush: !

In a way, I’m glad you’ve found a workaround … but I’m effectively a bit sad you actually have to rely on such workaround to make it work for your clients :pensive: .

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