Hungarian Forint in the currency list


Is it possible to add Hungarian Forint as a currency to Coda? It should be just “Ft”

Thanks a lot!

Generally speaking, Coda should really expand on list of currencies, I guess just import a list from some official list. We are forced to just use plain numbers for “money” field as there are quite few currencies from Europe missing :slightly_frowning_face:

When using the API and query a currency column, you get a proper ISO currency code. ie “USD” for dollars “JPY” for Japanese Yen. That is to say that under the hood Coda already supports all currencies. It’s just unfortunate that a decision has been made to not expose these in the UI.

I use Chinese Yuan a lot, and while I can get the visual “¥” in the UI, it’s comes through as “JPY” (which shares the same symbol) in the API.

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