Custom Usernames

A simple hack, but here it is: Custom Usernames. Note, this does not change users’ login names, just how they may appear throughout that specific document.

There is a lot of power behind Coda’s User() function and people column format, such as user-specific views ( But, my users wanted to have custom names for their fantasy sports squads. So, I made the following table called “CustomNames”:


Any other tables in the doc that had a people-formatted column (like the “Owner” column above) I would add an additional column for the Usernames. For example, a table that had a people-formatted column called People, I would add another text column with the following formula:


Basically, this new column would lookup the name in the People column of the current table and match it to the name in the Owner column of the CustomNames table. Then it outputs the corresponding custom username from the Username column.

Next, I would hide the People column, and move the new column into its place. There are other approaches, but I like keeping the hidden People column because of the potential flexibility as things are changed.

Also, this kept intact my formulas utilizing the User() function.

I encouraged people to add an emoji at the front of their custom username since it created a visual identity unique to the people-formatted columns in Coda.

There are a number of other approaches or basic modifications (e.g. using Lookup) to accomplish this task, and I’m always open to suggestions.



Nice tip, thanks for sharing it!

Another tip is you can reference = [person column].photo to extract a larger version of the user’s photo.

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Thanks, great tip to know!