Custom weighting to the Scale column?

Hi Everyone,

Is there any way to set the Scale columns to a custom weighting? I am not familiar with using formulas to accomplish this but I would like to have the ability to quickly set the scale using icons and then have the weighting calculated in a SCORING column.

I know that this could be achieved with a number column but I like the idea of users being able to scan the the Scale columns visually.

Here is an example coda of what I’m wanting to achieve with the values added and entered manually by me:

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Thomas_Amador - thank you for sharing the doc that clearly explained what you were trying to achieve -

This is the formula I would use.

Round((thisRow.Speed * Speed.Filter([Speed Scale]=thisRow.Speed).[Weighted Values]+thisRow.Power Power.Filter([Power Scale]=thisRow.Power).[Weighted Values]+thisRow.[Tragic backstory] [Tragic backstory].Filter([Tragedy Scale] =thisRow.[Tragic backstory]).[Weighted Values])/3 )

Here is the doc if you want to play with it.
If you didn’t use scale but a lookup column Power, Speed and Tragic Backstory the formula would be much simpler (but the UI would be a boring select list)


Thank you, Mallika! I will dig into this formula and learn a little more. Much appreciated.