Customisable Nav bar - Add your own buttons to it

hi, a pretty cool feature request would be to have the top nav bar editable and able to add your own buttons to it. I have a quick task button but when im scrolling down i need to scroll back up before i can click it. Or a “Freeze To Top” option would be another idea for keeping things at the top while scrolling. another way to do it would be a customisable “Keyboard Shortcut” .


I run into this a lot. I have added buttons above several tables on the canvas to act as “Add entry” buttons, but they quickly scroll out of view. It’s especially bad if I’m repeatedly adding rows to an already large table; I have to continually scroll up to the open canvas to find my Add button.

I really like the idea of “pinning” controls/buttons to a table somehow. Another bonus to this idea is the new Interactive Filter controls could be pinned as well, and wouldn’t scroll out of view.

One helper I’m using is to copy-and-paste my Add button below the table on the canvas as well. That way I can scroll to either the beginning or the end and access my button.

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+1 for sticky table controls. I would access this every single day, repeatedly (without having to navigate back to the top of the table from hundreds of rows deep – unnecessarily rendering all those rows along the way :crazy_face:).


I have some workflows where I just create a column to contain the "Add entry" button so that I can add new entries from any row in the table, without having to scroll to the top or bottom of the table.

And rendering, and rendering, and… Sometimes I forget that the render can’t really be cached effectively.