Customize shown properties in related column?

I am new to Coda. (and was also to Notion).
I am trying to build a system for managing leased properties.
I have a buildings database, an areas database (for detailed information of each building), clients and contracts.
When trying to pull information of the area database for assigning a contract I can see only the building or the unit name like floor 1, floor 2. Can you show both things at the same time? Just trying to avoid naming Building A, floor 1, to a unit.

This is Notion


This is what I have in coda.

HI @Isaac_Askenazi,

Yes, you can! If you go into the column settings and then select the Lookup Settings, there is an option in that menu to allow for multiple selections. This will allow you to add multiple fields to the same row. I hope that helps!!


Hi @Isaac_Askenazi,

if Iā€™m getting your question right, you should have a lookup column for buildings in your areas table. Together with an area type (like floor) and a number, the name of the area can then be concatenated from those info. The area lookup column in the contracts table then displays all the info needed. Check out this example:

Yes. you concatenated the building name, floor and number correct?

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@Isaac_Askenazi Yes, you should be able to copy the doc and check out the settings and formulas.

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