Seamingly simple lookup query

Hi Everyone,

I’m very new to this platform and I am looking for help on an issue I have run into. I have what I thought was a fairly simple lookup question, but I am struggling to get it working.
I have three tables:

The Agency Table is setup as follows:
Agency Name: Text (Display Column)

The Venue Table is setup as follows:
Venue Name: Text (Display Column)
Agency Name: Text

The Appointment Table is setup as follows:
Appointment ID (Display Column)
Agency Name: Lookup Table
Venue Name: Lookup Table

The issue I am having is with the Venue Name field in the Appointment table. I would like to lookup the venues as they relate to the Agency Name. For example, if I select Coca-Cola from the Agency Name column, I would like to restrict the venues to only those that belong to Coca-Cola.

Any assistance to this would be appreciated.


Leo Saumure

Dear @anon54110859, great having you in this Coda community:wave:

First of al, it’s always recommended to make some dummy doc showing your current situation and an explanation of what you face as a challenge to get the expected outcome.

Correct me if I am wrong:

In the Venue table, the Agency is fixed to one venue?
In the way you made your “schema”, the Venue is always connected to one and the same Agency

Obviously you could make also a table “venue” and in the appointments table, select the venue, and agency separately, depending on your reality.

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You know what’s wierd? I was putting together the example doc (see below) that you suggested, and while setting up the appointment table, I set the venue to a lookup of the Venue table, but this time Coda setup the venue portion exactly as I wanted it to. Meaning, after selecting the Agency, the venue would be restricted to the venues for that agency.
I wonder why it didn’t work in my production doc?
In the production doc, each table is kept in its own doc, whereas in the example doc, all tables are in the same doc. Does this make a difference?


Leo Saumure

I Found the problem. In my production database, I did not have the venue table set up properly. Rather than a lookup table for the agency, I simply had it as a text field.

It’s working great now.

Thanks for your help.