Customize view for specific scenarios

Hi! I have a peculiar question!

I got this doc

One thing I really don’t get to work, is to showcase only the needed data at the right situations. So this doc is all about adding recipes and getting control over your recipes. But I want to “restrict” views of the table entry at certain scenarios. I have partly explained it in the intro, but here is a use case

My problem is this use case.

When adding a new recipe, I dont want to showcase all the data that is not fillable. Yes this is doable and im able to do this.
But when using this table to build a randomizer, it is only possible to reference the main table, the one where you add data, meaning that the view becomes the same as the add data view. Meaning the randomizer recipe, is showin a restricted view with hidden columns. Where I really want to show the full view at this scenario.

Yes, if I only work with tables, I can showcase views of children tables, but is children tables the only way to do this, because if not, the view will inherit the root view. Where adding a row view takes presedence.

Hey! If I’m understanding right, I think this post may help you out. It shows you how to make buttons that open different layouts from the same table. This way, the add recipe button and the randomizer button can both expand rows from the recipes table, but the columns that show up are different for each button.

Fun doc idea, by the way! Excited to see the finished product.


Thanks that did the trick :smiley: It was very helpful and it worked better than expected as well :slight_smile:
The doc is getting to a done now, do you have any suggestions for improvements :D?