Data extraction via HTML

Really disappointed that coda disabled data extraction via HTML. It would be great if it is continued like before

What do you mean exactly? I don’t remember Coda ever working with raw HTML before.

It used to be able to send emails as HTML templates. However it was an unintended and unsafe behavior, and AFAIK it got recently fixed. Is this what you meant?

Yes i am talking about send emails as HTML template only, but now they discontinued that. Formatting is not possible now how it used to before.

Well, it was never meant to work; as far as I know it was a bug that allowed to send HTML in an email body and it would be treated as such. You can send a section, and for anything with bespoke design you can use specialized mailer services like Mailchimp, Mailgun, Autopilot etc. and connect to Coda through Integromat or Zapier.

Thank you for posting that it affected your docs here. This was a side-effect of a recent change and we’re looking into it now.

Not sure what the outcome will be at the moment, but this is helpful input.

Hi @Nipul_Thakker,

We’ve rolled back the change that caused this to break. Your doc should be working the same as it was before now. You might need to refresh to test, but let us know if there are any issues.

@BenLee Its working perfectly fine as it used to before. Thanks for the quick response, really appreciate.

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