Date Column Autofills

My Pickup Date column is auto filling random dates. It wasn’t doing this before, but it suddenly appeared. This causes my Due Date field to auto-populate too since it’s set to add 42 days to whatever is in the Pickup Date field.

I can add a formula to have it set the pickup date to today as soon as the Check Out To field is entered. But I want the flexibility to be able to say that an item can be checked out on another day – just not today. If I try to get the field to go blank, I then lose the ability to click within the cell and get the popup calendar.


The view below shows there’s no formula for the Pickup Date column.


Dear @agoodman,

Would you mind to share a copy of your dummy doc to be able to play around and to see how you have set up it so far?

This will make it much easier for any community member to start helping you.

Hello, @Jean_Pierre_Traets! When I started building the demo, the problem reappeared immediately when I added my due date column. The formula is Pickup Date + Days(42). As soon as I typed that in, I got 2/10/1900 in each row. I didn’t even finish setting up the checkout demo since the error showed up so quickly.

I don’t recall it doing this originally (before I began adding other features to my checkout process).

Dear @agoodman,

Just a quick reply, as I am not able to play from behind my desktop.

As soon as there is a pick up date, you formula works correct, isn’t it?
My logic from the name of this table "book checkout"means that all books in this table should have a pickup date to my opinion.

According your feedback I hope to get a better understanding of your logical process :handshake:

You’re right! It works as soon as there is a pickup date selected. It just looks funny that when there isn’t a pickup date it shows a (seemingly) random return date. I’m building this out for my colleague who is less tech-savvy and I suspect it’ll bother her to see that random date sitting there.

Hello @agoodman! you could add an If statement so it doesn’t show anything when Pickup Date is blank

If(thisRow.[Pickup Date].IsBlank(),"",thisRow.[Pickup Date]+Days(42))


Thank you! I’m sorry – that should have been obvious to me. :slight_smile:

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