Date Format european format

Hello Coda Community
I have Master Table and Archive Table
i want to Archive the Master Table because it become big and Slow
so i created the Archive Table with the Same Structure and Column Format
using a button i created an function with the formulmap statement
it works but the problem is in the date format
in my Master table i have european format
in the archive table i get the US format

Hi @Mehdi_FALEH,
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As long as both columns are un the Date format, you should not have issues when copying values from one table to the other, even if in different format.

It would be helpful if you could share your doc (or a sample of it) to better understand your issue.
Please, let me know.

Hi @Federico_Stefanato thank you
here is the link of the sample i’ve created to show you my issue

2 tables(master table and archive table )
1 button to archive the master table in the archive table using a formul map when meet a condition add to archive and delete from master table
thanks to you and to the community.

Hi @Mehdi_FALEH,
thanks for the sample.

I did some tests and it seems that date formats on both tables are actually behaving as expected.
Am I missed/misunderstood something?

In order to do some tests, I changed a little bit the underlying logic of the archiving process (as reported in the doc itself).

Let me know if it’s clear and it helps.

Hi @Federico_Stefanato thank you for your support i tried your solution in my original doc i think it was in my formula i miss something but your solution worked very well
i also add another button to reverse the archive process in case i need data in the master i can take it back from the archive table its a one process action either you archive marked column(Checked) or reverse the archive
button archive
button reverse archive
thank you,

Hi @Mehdi_FALEH,
Happy it was useful :slight_smile:

Let me know should you need any further hint.