European Date Format Gmail not accepted

I love CODA!
BUT: I have to use EU Date format. Also for exporting my table I have tu use the Gmail Pack, because the printing options are really poor (no custom header, footer…). In the Email the Date Format changes from EU to US. Is there any chance I can fix that? See the pick bellow.

Dear @Vesely_Architektur,

Did you check if the formula “Format()” will solve this, like it did in this case

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thanks, this would work with a second row wehre i can put in the date and then have this function in a second row. but this is to complicated.

Dear @Vesely_Architektur,

If you want I can write the formula and you can copy/past it.

that would be perfect. Can you make a formula without having a second row?

Now I can use the Printing anymore! It says