Secret sauce to e-mail table with EU date and time notations?

Hi guys,

So I’ve used bits & pieces from @BenLee’s excellent Clocking in a Timesheet + Gmail template, to create a button that let’s me e-mail a timesheet. Works like a charm, except it changes all dates & times to US notation, thus rendering it useless for our European users…

Table view:

E-mail view:

Does anybody know a trick to show EU notations in the e-mail instead?

hi @Bas_de_Bruijn

I would suggest these two:

  1. Format() and so forcing an order via var 1, var 2 and var 3
  2. On the canvas I use this unsupported one : FormatDateTime() I am afraid however that it falls back to the USA notation via email.

Hope it helps, Christiaan

Thanks @Christiaan_Huizer!

I couldn’t get Format() to work right now, but I get where you’re coming from. Looks like I can fix it by adding Text columns with the ToText() formula for all date & time columns and just e-mail those ToText() columns instead :+1:

I should have thought of that before… :sweat_smile:

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