European style dates

I have seen some posts about European date format as a setting for your environment. I think that is absolutely necessary - rather than going into every new date column and ‘fixing’ this. However, I can live with this. But when I use dates in text areas instead of in tables, there seems to be no way to format these dates as European dates - or am I overlooking something? (I hope so). I could write a elaborate formula to take the date apart and show it in bits and pieces as dd/mm/yyyy, but that feels a little backwards. Of course the same applies to times (21:05 vs 09:05PM)

Are european style dates on the roadmap?


Hi @joost_mineur,

For sure you make a good point that it would be much better that the user could choose the date settings like the time zone, but till that time:

Hello Jean Pierre,

I am aware of the settings in tables - they work fine (even though I would like to set the default myself or let the zone define the default). The problem is that what you show is not available (to my knowledge) on the canvas and in a lot of situations you can not really use a one column-one row table: for one thing because they can not be used inline and second because that is not what tables are meant for.

I realize coda is a work in progress, so I will wait as long as I can.

Is there a roadmap for features somewhere visible for us users?