Bug : date formats

Since I live in Belgium, I use the EU date format. That goes well. However when I set a colomn on date and the first date is something like April 3 in the column is goes wel, it becomes 03-04-2020, but the message in the formating box is 04-03-2020. That is a bit confusing, but not a great deal once you know it.

However when I prepare a section for sending and I add date values, the format I selected (EU) does not come through. Here it goes wrong because March 4 is not equal to April 3.

Can someone check the date formating logic when dates are used elsewhere in the doc, thus outside the colomn where they are show correclty.

see this image, I hope it helps.

I got a similar bug:

Is it possible to fix?

hi @Kristijan_Moser,

did you consider to use this one below in your column of choice?


It feels like double work, but for the moment it is the only way I can make it work outside the correctly formatted column.

Feel free to ask further if not clear, cheers, Christiaan, Belgium

hi @Christiaan_Huizer,

Thank you for the fastest response ever :slight_smile:

I save myself the double work. It is more about a beauty blemish.


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Dear @Kristijan_Moser and @Christiaan_Huizer

For the time being we will have to live with it

For your kind reference see also this post from Paul :point_down: