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In the table below, how can I write a formula that deletes a date more than 4 times in the table?

Hey @amin_jebeli ,

Can you rephrase that question: do you want to delete 4 or more rows, do you want to delete the rows that have more than 4 times a specific value and if so, all rows, or just the ones above 4 times, or… ??

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Hi @joost_mineur
I want the date column to contain no more than 4 dates, and if a date is entered for the fifth time, it will be deleted automatically.
For example, in this table, the date 10/12/2012 is repeated five times. According to the case I explained, this table should be in such a way that from 10/12/2012 there are only 4 and the fifth date is deleted automatically.

You can do that with an automation:

The formule in the if statement: Table.Filter(date=todate(thisRow.[Step 1 Result].date)).count()>4

When a new row is added it will be checked by the automation and deleted if it is the 5th row with the same date. The automation doesn’t work on existing rows, only on new rows.

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Thank You so much @joost_mineur

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