Detailed ranking of CV Templates using Coda - write your best Resume

I created this doc for my son who is leaving school and needed to write his first CV.

We grabbed a bunch of template examples from design websites, and used Coda to rank the different sections and details. He is a student, so we divided the CV’s and ranked lists into Professional and Student CV’s.

“Hard Skills” & “Soft Skills” was a common section I had not seen before, and it worked really well.

We found this super useful for an initial reach out CV which is often a one-pager, and there are compromises required to fit one page and make it easy for the receiving person to see important information at a glance.

This was a useful project to teach my son how Coda works. In the Database section, I explain how the doc works.

It is available to copy for free, in the spirit of this great community.