AI makes your job board🤖

Template :page_facing_up:

What is it? :interrobang:

This template helps you create an entire careers page using Coda AI. You just have to enter a few details and the AI will take care of the rest.

Instructions :speech_balloon:

In the template there are two pages: Maker Doc and Open positions page. To customize the Open positions page to suite your needs make changes in the Maker doc.

Step 1: Fill the Our Story table

  • Company name: Fill in your company’s name
  • What does your company do in a few lines: Here you can fill in details about the company’s origin story, main focus, branch/office details, total funding raised etc
  • Values: Here you can include the core values of the company in a few lines.
  • Life at our company: Talk about life at your company here. Mention some of the perks you offer.

Step 2: Add images in the Images table

Upload some wholesome images from your workspace/office.

Step 3: Fill the Open Positions Table and Perks table

  • Job Title: Fill with job title
  • Experience: Total experience you expect for the role in years
  • Qualification: Minimum qualifications to be considered for the position
  • Tools: Skills/tools you expect the candidate to be familiar with
  • Location: Enter the location of the job posting.
  • Right click on the “Apply” button and the change the URL field to your redirect to you recruiting software of choice.
  • After filling all the columns hide Experience, Qualification and Tools columns. Right click on the column heading and click Hide.
  • After you’re done, hide the Careers Page Maker and publish.

PS: you can edit the Open Positions page as well.


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