Modern Recruiting -> A Full Job Board + Applicant Tracking System

In my past experience doing a lot of hiring for multiple Chick-fil-A locations, I developed a system in Coda that allowed me to track all of the applicants I was working on, create zoom meetings, etc…

I decided to expand on it for this Coda challenge, and built what I have now! It’s two docs that work together to create a public job board, as well as a full ATS.

The job board is the home for all of your positions. It’s designed to be like a public landing page just for hiring at your company. Need to create a new position? Just fill out a few fields, and Ai will do the rest! You just need to click a few buttons and in 30 seconds your job is ready to post!

You can view the Job Board here… CFA Job Board

Now for the ATS. You can track the full jounrey of an applicant. All the status are fully customizable to suit your workflow.

You can open an applicant’s profile to view all the info related to them, and their application. Ai will compare their application, with the details in the job listing they applied for (it gets the same details on your public job board, so there is no need for extra set it up, or Ai training per position.)

Ai will give it’s take about the application, and let you know if there are any red flags about anything.

You can create all of your meetings through zoom, directly in Coda, and you have customizable scripts so you don’t need to compose a new piece of text when communicating with applicants.

Speaking of scripts, there is a full page dedicated to making your scripts! Everything is dynamic, and you can pull all sorts of information; dynamically get your first name, the applicant’s lat name, the relevent zoom link, the relevant meeting link, etc etc…

Ai will also review the transcripts of any Zoom meetings you’ve had, and will give it’s take, comparing their speach, and how well they fit the job they’re applying for.

When it finally comes time to hire or reject someone, you can set up tasks to be auto assigned! For example, at Chick-fil-A, when an employee is hired, we need to create a nametag, put them in CFA’s system, prepare training for the, etc… so all those task will be auto created upon hire! Same concept with rejecting! Andddd you can have the tasks only trigger per specific position as well.

It’s quite a lot of stuff, but it’s pretty cool! I encourage you watch the video before going through the template.

You can find the ATS here… Modern Recruitment


WOW! Fantastic job, and a very monumental and clean-looking build!

I watched the whole video. It’s not in HD yet so I might have just missed it, but it seems to me like you overlooked just one thing that would make this complete.

Your ATS is missing a generator for rejection letters for the candidates that you declined :joy:

> link

Now that would be a match made in heaven indeed.

(Just kidding; seriously awesome work! Suddenly I’m not so sure I can win this thing. And how come I haven’t seen your channel before?)

Thank you so much!

I’ve been having so many issues with that video, ha! My computer blue screened while uploading the video 12 minutes before the submissions closed, so I had to reupload and grab the link ASAP even though it wasn’t fully processed. :confused:

My idea for rejection letters would be to use the scripts section! At least for me, I usually always say the same thing when letting poeple know…

Hey applicant_first_name! I appreciate you hopping on the interview with me, it was a pleasure meeting you! Taking everything into consideration, we believe there may be other teams that would suit you and your skillset a bit better. We wish you the best in your job searching!

I definitely thought of Gmail and Outlook integrations to auto-send emails, but I had to find somewhere to end for Version 1 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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You tell me! My PC froze twice when I was rendering my last video! And it finished rendering 3 minutes after the deadline, and I also grabbed the link asap, and by sheer luck, or magic, or caching issues, or considerate developers of Devpost, it still let me submit it (I mean, update the project; I submitted it ahead of time).

In fact it seems like I can still edit my submissions, just not make new ones.

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Ha! I swear, videos are crazy sometimes… My export failed 6 different times due to a bug with Resolve and it took me forever to figure out the issue…

I never want to record in 4k again… never ever. :smile:

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Well done Micah ! This looks really useful for the recruitment phase of a company. I like how you reference it as a website as well.

Did you have any fun problems you had to overcome whilst building ?

Thanks, I appreciate you!

I had a pretty rought time with the scripting section, which I thought would be one of the easier things… :confused: The way I orginially thought of getting all the keywords replaced was to have a ForEach for the shortcodes and doing a regex replace to replace the code with the result.

Unfortunately since ForEach basically re-does all of its work, it was only making a single regex replace on the template text then re-grabbing the template each time… so if I had 20 shortcodes, it would duplicate the template 20 times while only making one change.

But eventually I figured out how to have the formula output all the changes on a single block of text without using buttons!

Perfect fit for AGI. Smart. Simple. Effective.

I just had to bold that.

There are so many places to take this tool for even greater productivity and applicant intelligence processing. Imagine a Pack that finds similar candidates who are now very successful employees, or who have washed out of the workforce. All sorts of additional AI metrics could be created using embeddings to create similarity analytics for HR purposes.

Exciting times, and this app will work on Sundays without pay!

Sidebar: This is a moral AI question. Should Chick-fil-A allow AI agents to work all day and night on Sundays? :wink:

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I tried to do that in my rejection letter gen. Initially I wanted to have a few extra features, such as ask Coda AI to compare the cover letter against the application and detect whether it was written by a person or AI-generated, to help the recruiter with review process.

But no matter how I tried to crank up paranoia settings, I couldn’t get the AI to detect AI-generated stuff reliably. Most of the time it said the letter was written by a human even if it wasn’t.

At some point I also tried comparing the application vs job details. But I figured out it was actually an anti-marker: GPT generated applications actually tried to include all the necessary words, while real human submissions could sometimes omit this or that fact from the requirements — and I’d insist this should not be the reason to reject the candidate really, especially in the world where many job listings are also written/generated to contain as many buzzwords as possible. Nothing screams “robot-generated” more than a letter that makes the effort to actually respond to every single bullet point.

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Oh yeah, that would be super cool!

With my current implementation, I could fairly easily add a text field for a sentence of manual feedback…

“This was a really good application because they sounded motivated and understood the culture of Chick-fil-A”

“This application is not what we’re looking for. By their tone, it’s obivous they’re being forced to get a job, so it’s likely they won’t stick around for long.”

Then I could have some prompts to get the Ai to understand our preferred style and what’s important to us based on actual history, and use those results to influence Ai’s perception of any incoming applications…

It’s a great idea!

All this Chick-fil-A talk - now I’m hungry for a Spicy Chicken Deluxe!

Curse you for that link! We don’t even have McD in my city, and that was my worst childhood pain (the closest McD was either in a city 180 miles away, or 60 miles away but in another country)

Now I’m hungry for a chain restaurant burger.

I feel for ya. There’s a Chick-fil-A six miles from me and I can see it from my office. This is not good though. I enjoy it far too much.

Love this doc!!

I was building a similar, but much simpler, ATS as well. This takes it to the next level…Great Work!

One question, I’d like to copy the doc to my Testing Lab folder so I can customize it for my specific purpose. However, I’m not able to copy the doc like with other gallery templates.

There is no Copy Doc option available.

Am I missing something or is this on purpose?

I’m glad you like it!

I’m in the process of refinining it before it’s released. It can be very complex if not well documented, so I want to make it easier for others to undestand the inner workings if they’d like to customize it.

Okay, looking forward to your final release.

@Micah_Lucero I’m also looking forward to a shareable version of this document. We’ve been managing our hiring process using spreadsheets, and I know we can transition it to Coda but we unfortunately have had the time. This would be a huge value to us. Let me know once it’s available, thanks!

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