✨ Rejection Letter Generator with Coda AI (and a vile twist!)

Hey Community!
Here’s my first submission to the Coda AI at Work Challenge. Presenting —

✨ Rejection Letter Generator with Coda AI

Why such a negative idea you’d ask?

But it’s not! Being left in the dark after an interview, hearing the “We’ll call you”, or receiving a bland soulless copy-paste letter is far more negative.

Not every team has a recruiter, and not every recruiter puts effort into writing warm, respectful and personal rejection letters. When a candidate is a win, everyone is happy to onboard and encourage them. But the dozens of candidates who just didn’t make it often don’t get any courtesy at all. The team is just too busy. There’s no time to write to rejected candidates. The team doesn’t care.

That’s where Coda AI can help:

  • The generative AI alone can write a very cordial and respectful rejection letter, taking into account the candidate’s name, background, and even the submitted cover letter!

  • And with the power of Coda the whole process can be turned into an intuitive step by step workflow — or in a powerful automation, all the way from marking the person rejected and to automatically sending out all the emails!

Watch the short video (4 min) :point_down:

Then get the template — for free! :point_down:

While this template is designed for rejecting candidates who applied for the job, you can use it as a starter kit to build a rejection letter generator for anything, such as:

  • applications to a tech accelerator or a VC fund,
  • requests to join a closed community,
  • inquiries about special rates and discounts,

you name it.

The doc doesn’t just have the rejection generator, but also a fully functional tiny ATS that you can use as a starter kit for tracking candidates if you don’t have your own ATS yet!



😈 You said a vile twist?

The rejection letter above is nice and considerate. It produces cordial and respectful letters, and never makes the candidate feel bad.

Then, there’s the Savage Edition! :skull_and_crossbones:

Meet Ubel, the most sarcastic, unapologetic and downright savage recruiter. Their company Enigma Inc., is on the lookout for candidates of all sorts. But watch out. They aren’t easy to please and will see through any BS that you submit (especially AI-generated cover letters! :wink: )

Do you think you’ve got what it takes to become a good fit at Enigma Inc?

Try sending an application yourself. In a few minutes you’ll get roasted really hard :joy:.
Also you’ll get the link to the Savage Edition template so that you can modify and play with it even more!

Don’t hesitate to share your replies in this thread! :fire:



I hope this goes viral so those of us who are looking for work will get ghosted far less! : ) Great work, @Paul_Danyliuk !


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