Ultimate Resume & JobHunt toolkit

For Coda’s AI at Work challenge, I utilised all coda AI features and created this toolkit for anybody looking to simplify their job-hunt process. Some features include -
Personalised cover letter - Based on your resume and job description (additionally you can write your own experience and common instruction too)
Skill Gap Analysis - Match the skill of resume with job description
Resume vs Resume - Compare resume of your friends for a given role and find ideas to improve yours
Actionable Insights - This section suggests general area for improvement in resume (e.g., adding references, work on related skills etc to follow common guides)

Additionally, you can also manage places where you applied and Application stage. For rest of your questions use AskMeAnything!!

Link of template:

I’m using this myself. And plan to add features like export resume for jsonresume repo, pdf and few more.
If you’re startup and accept email resume, this can help you manage data via appropriate fields with little tweaks.

Feel free to share your experience and feedback.

( p.s. A like on this template will go a long way. Please like, copy & share!! )

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Looking nice and I like the video. Haven’t tested it yet. Wondering what Ubel would have to say about that :grin:

Thanks @Paul_Danyliuk
Currently, I am using it personally and made it based on my needs to apply in jobs. I attach AI powered cover letter even if doesn’t require one. ( I mention that it’s AI made but by the tool I Made :P)
and conversion rate is good so far. thanks for the kind words :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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