🚀 LAUNCHED: Coda AI Roasts Your Job Application

Live on Product Hunt right meow! :cat:

Please check it out and tell me what you think :raised_hands:
Roast My Job Application - Submit your Cover Letter and get demolished by Coda AI | Product Hunt

You’ve seen this one already. It’s the Rejection Letter Generator: Savage Edition.

But finally this is official. Presenting:

:fire:   Roast My Job Application (with Coda AI)

Meet Ubel, the most sarcastic and unapologetic recruiter who’s just not having it with your bs job applications anymore. You can try impress them with your puny little AI-generated letters. But get ready for the feedback, Gordon Ramsay style.

Built for the Coda’s AI at Work Challenge.

The masterpiece of a demo (45 sec) :point_down:

And the product itself:

Play with it, have fun, and remember it’s just AI generated and not a qualification of your personality or skills.



Not useful in practice, but very very funny :grin:

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Not meant to be useful; meant for the moments like this :slight_smile:

(starting from ~2:58:10)

P.S. The actually useful template is here:

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But, what is useful is gleaning how it was built. There are many systems that need this underlying architecture. It’s a pattern for success, not [necessarily] a pattern of behavior.


Meanwhile the project got featured today and Product Hunt just tweeted it! :partying_face:

Sure it won’t become the product of the day, but that’s already a lot. Especially given how rushed the launch was.


The feels in this one

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