✨ Secret Santa — Matchmaking with Coda AI

You thought I was done?
I am not done. I submitted 5 projects to the hackathon!

I already posted Storify, the Rejection Letter Gen, and its Savage Edition (okay, this last one is a remix I only made for the Biggest Splash). So what are the other two?

Let’s start with this very timely one :upside_down_face:

:gift:   Presenting: Secret Santa!

Watch the short demo, it pretty much explains it :slight_smile:

Other than a doc for one of the beloved team rituals, this is an exploration in whether Coda AI can do matchmaking based on some criteria (in my case, hobbies and interests). This possibilities allows for more applications, both serious (e.g. organizing brain dates at a conference event) and fun (e.g. making tournament brackets for some teambuilding activities.)

Also it’s the simplest doc of them all, with just one database table and one service table.

Check it out:


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