Different views of a select control

Would be great to have the ability to insert views of select controls. If you need more info on use case just reach out! Just would be awesome to have that same functionality (views of tables) for controls embedded into the document.

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I don’t understand - a view of a select control - so you can see what the value is? Just set a formula equal to the global control value?

No - I want to have two separate workable controls but viewable on different pages.

Right now I have two different tables on two separate pages that are filtered by 1 select control. But if I am on the page without the select control and want to change how the table is being filtered I have to laboriously how back back to the other page, change the control, then switch pages again to see how it filtered my table.

If I could have a separate “view” of the control elsewhere that would solve this. In the same way you can have editable and workable views of tables.

Hi @Scott_Weir,

You can through a table that “wraps” the controls.

Please, have a look at this post and its example provided:

The concept is very similar: instead of using a control, you use a table that acts as a filter.
Any time you need that control elsewhere, you just create a view of that table.

I hope this helps.

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Thanks for the help, but I had honestly already thought about that solution. I just do not particularly like it, its not as clean as I would like.

Hence the suggestion in the suggestion forum!

It would also be nice to have “Views” of canvas buttons so that button functionality can be accessed from multiple locations without creating a separate button for each location.

Agree with this.
Multiple instances of the same control would come handy in some situations.