How to create instances/views of one canvas control on different pages?

Is there a way to have canvas controls on different pages that are basically one canvas control (“instances/views” of one canvas control)?

In other words is there is a way to have canvas control that is updated on every page it’s used when you change its value on any of the pages its used?

I’d like to use new personal canvas controls instead of @Paul_Danyliuk’s User-specific filters workaround that uses a table for storing filter values, but can’t figure out how to make two or more “instances/views” of a canvas control on different pages.

Unfortunately, no. That is why I think @Paul_Danyliuk solution is still valid.
It’s a good suggestion, though. You should change the category of this thread.


I didn’t test the speed, but my guess is that native controls should work faster than a filter table. And filter table is very cumbersome in mobile app. Plus it’s easier to arrange controls on a page. That’s why I want to move from filter table to controls.

I’ll make a post in Suggestion Box category :wink:

Looks like it’s not possible.

If someone has the same question, one workaround is to make a button with SetControlValue() function/s to copy control values from one page to another.

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