Use the same control in multiple places

I’d like to be able to place the same control in multiple places in the doc.

Use case: I have multiple tables in different sections whose formulas depend on the same checkbox or drop-down (e.g., I want to apply a .Filter() on deal types across “Pipeline deals” and “Projection calculator”). Now I can only have that checkbox in one place, so I have to direct the user to go to another section (e.g. via a link) to change the input controls there, then return to the table and try to mentally compare what has changed.

Would be much nicer if controls could also have “views” in other sections.

The only workaround I can think of is replacing canvas input controls with tables, but that’s pretty cumbersome.


:+1: For this great idea :bulb:

Have anything changed since October '19? Can we have the same control on multiple pages?