Disable a button if event already exists in calendar

Hi everybody,
i have a movie release date list where I put some information about upcoming movies.
So I added a button column with a Google Calendar button to add the release date to my calendar.
However, I would like to disable the button as soon as I added the movie to my calendar once so that I don’t need to check it every time if something already exists (or If I clicked the button once).

Besides some HTML and CSS knowledge, I don’t know anything about coding and would be really grateful if some of you had some ideas how to solve that problem and what to add to the “disable if” field.

Thanks in advance. :pray:

Dear @anon84168152,

Welcome to the community :handshake:

I would suggest to add a column “checkbox” that becomes true when the button is pushed.
And accordingly in the settings of the button to disable when thisRow column “checkbox” is true.

Sorry not being able to add a sample, if necessary let me know and I will try later on to create a sample