Disable add card

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I am wondering if it is correct that if “add card” is disabled in table view, it still shows up in card view. I think for most users it should stay disabled if that is set, regardless of which view is chosen.



How do we disable all the prompts to add items (all the add card, add row, add column, add card bottoms, etc, etc, etc) that clutters all our documents?

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In the table options you can turn of add row, but that works only for the table view, therefore my post.
By locking the page, you get rid of add column, while you can still use the table (view, expand the row, edit, etc,). There are some locking options to allow for more or less freedom.
Locking is a bit of a nuisance while developing, because you have to unlock for modifications even if you are the owner of the doc and it is not a security feature (unfortunately), but it helps against accidental changes.