Discussion on Unique Section Name requirement

The requirement to have sections be uniquely named is a tad annoying when it comes to document setups in which folders outline specific topics, but each folder has a similar structure in sections.

E.g.: a document where all folders represent products and each require a description, competition and features section. Currently, the unique section name would force all sections to be pre or post-fixed by the folder name.

The search UX could be handled by displaying the folder the section is in along with the name.


Good point, @GJ_Roelofs. I totally agree.
As of now, I never had any advantage on keeping distinct section names.

I guess that referencing the section could lead to some inconsistencies, though.
Folder/Section hierarchy might not be exhaustive: there could be several sections with the same name in the same folder, at that point.

Second this. A bit annoying to not be able to have two “Start here” sections for example (e.g. when I make a flow-like UI with each section in a folder being a step of some flow)

Sections are internally referenced by unique 5-symbol IDs anyway. And for referencing there could always be disambiguation like there is with referencing rows with the @ syntax

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