Display an Image from a Specific Table Row in a Form?

Hiya - I’m a n00b to Coda with a view to porting over a bunch of Airtable-based workflows for our company.

We have one current use case:

  • User has their info in a row in a users table
  • Present user with a pre-filled form pulling the data from the table row - usually a custom link sent via email
  • Validating / storing the data from the form
  • Using an automation to update their details in the original users table

This works in Airtable, and it looks like a similar strategy will work fine in Coda, too.

However, the user also has a profile pic. Is there any way of showing them the current profile pic (if uploaded) from the user’s table and then giving them the option to upload a new one?

I found one similar-ish version that used a page with a filter to show data from a table, then used a button to pre-populate a form with the relevant data, which could work for this use case, but it seems the only way to do this in any kind of secure way would be to generate a page for each user which doesn’t feel like a sensible / efficient approach.

Any suggestions would be very welcome. Thanks in advance for your help.

What you can do, rather than using a form, is to send the user a link to his row, which opens in a modal when he clicks on the link. He can then use the layout that you have designed for the view.

Something like this in the email:

Presenting something like this:


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Thanks Piet, that looks great.

I might not be understanding access permissions correctly, but we need this for user’s who won’t have Coda logins and shouldn’t be able to see the remainder of the data in the table if they close the modal.

It is a bit of an edge case, so expecting it might not be possible to do. Ideally either, I’d like to show an image in the Form, and provide the option to upload a new one OR provide access to the single row through a modal or filtered table with a button that links to a pre-filled form so non-logged-in users can amend it.

Thanks so much for your help.

@Piet_Strydom, thanks for your response, it inspired me to try something different.

Using the ImagePack I put the URL for the image source into a calculated field and then displayed that to the user in the form, so we can pre-fill the form with an image and the user can upload another one if they want to change it.

The only problem is that if they re-use the link with the pre-filled fields included, they’ll see the original image rather than the updated one.

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