Is it possible to display images as a gallery?

Hello, first time Coda. We are currently moving and I thought as a learning experiment I’d use Coda to help organize some things.

One thing I’ve done is breakdown our furniture and have taken photos of the screws and where they go so I can easily reassembled them after our move.

I’ve got this setup in Coda and it works fine, but one thing I’d really like to do is be able to see all the images for a piece of furniture all at once.

Each row has an image field, and while I can upload multiple images to one field, which is great, I can only view them one at a time.

Here’s what I’d like to do:
Assign one image as the “master” image to be shown in table or card view, and then when I click to expand the row, I’d like all the images to be shown at top, in sort of a gallery style view, where I can click on any image to expand it further for a closeup.

The way things are now, I have to click the left or right arrow to navigate throw them, and it takes a little time to load.

Is there a way to do what I want in Coda?

Thank you!

Hey @Jeremy_McCloud !

I know of two options you have, but none is as elegant as you describe it. Since the image carousel (when you click on an image it opens the image carousel view) is very gallery like anyway, maybe this will at least help to make a working solution for you.

When you have an image column, you can change the way images are shown in the table view:

This wil give you a list of images next to each other instead of a stack.

But the downside: It only works in the table view, so if you open the row, it will still be a carousel slider.

Another option is to use a text column as a helper:

You can do this by just making a new column and enter =Images (*your image column) to reference it.

Bildschirmfoto 2022-08-11 um 18.39.47

This will show the images next to each other when you open the row, BUT it automatically uses the “Small” image size, which is not very cool :slight_smile:


Very cool. Thank you for showing this to me! Not the ideal solution but it does help!

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