Media Gallery / Asset Library

I would love to see a media gallery or asset library for Coda. I’m thinking this could be implemented in one or two different ways. First, there could be a media gallery for all of your coda docs, similar to what WordPress has. This way reusing attachments and images would be very easy to add in new docs, as covers, links, images, etc. A second would be at the doc level. Perhaps this would open in the right sidebar with the other settings so you could see all your images, attachments, files, there at ones and drag/drop them into other portions of the doc.

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Have you tried putting these into a separate doc and table, and then cross-doc that table into your docs?

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I have a dedicated Doc for images & icons and using the Image URL pack.
Copying the link wherever I need in any Doc.
I found out that dealing with Image URL’s is much more flexible than dealing with the original file.


Thanks for the suggestions!