Putting two images side by side!

This seems like a silly question but I can’t seem to find a solution. Is there a way to display two images side by side. When I import the second image, it goes below!

Hello @jac_gautreau ,

The canvas is only so wide, so when two pictures are wider than the canvas, they get stacked. The solution is to use smaller pictures or to put them in table columns - tables can go wider than the canvas.


Thanks for the reply @joost_mineur :slight_smile: I tried putting them into columns using the image column type but I can’t get the images to fill the column space…even at X-tra large they are too small for my use case…

will keep experimenting.

I had some better results with displaying the table as cards - one picture per row in the table view and then changing the display (or make a separate view. Maybe that gives you a better result? Coda is not meant for storing thousands of pictures though.