Is it possible to add columns to the page, not just tables?

I would like to have an image with a table next to it on a page.

I have tried adding the image to a table but it shrinks the image to the size of the cell it is in.

Does this functionality exist?

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Hey Patrick you may be able to accomplish this by doing a side by side table detail view with this:

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Hi @Patrick_Raymond,

And welcome to the community!

We don’t have columns for the canvas yet, but we do have a lot of notes on this and it’s been a very popular request.

For now, you can have a table and image side-by-side, but they will need to fit within the “text width” allowed for the canvas, place the image next to your table and resize to have it fit within that overall width.

There are a few details for this strategy…

The canvas “text width” has two settings. If you hover over the page title in the canvas, you’ll see an “Options” link popup. You can set the page width to “Standard” or “Wide”.

The elements on the “same line” will align themselves to the bottom, not the top. So if my table was taller in that sample above, the image would be aligned to the bottom.

These are things we’re looking to improve and that will come with time. But hopefully the above approach offers a possible workaround for now.

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This worked, thanks!

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