Rotate Images in Table Image View

Hey Coda Team,
Suggestion 1: I was wondering if it might be on the future development to add an image rotation into the “view” of an image. Our team is building out some cool inventory management solutions but as we are documenting our inventory (with pictures), we noticed that they won’t be always the same orientation.

Suggestion 2: And/or to this development, when you Add an image to a table and want to use a mobile device, it asks you which app (camera app) you’d like to use, I’d like to be able to set it to “always use this camera app” with Coda. I’m not sure if that is an Mobile OS feature or if it’s a specific app feature.


P.S. We’ve literally been using Coda for only a month and we absolutely love it. A few things I would hope to see in the future, but we are building some incredible things with it and can’t wait to see it grow more.