"Display preview" toggle on a per-view basis

I love having the ability to display a preview of content in a Canvas or Compose column. However, there are many instances where I only want the expanded preview in certain views, and not in others. It would be awesome if I could somehow “override” preview settings, perhaps at the Table Display level, or something like that. Or, somehow design a way to set a default, but change it per-view (kind of like how I can toggle conditional styling from a source table).

Thanks for listening!

I would love this as well.

But also the ability to have other column options changeable per view. For example, in some views I only want the date, other views I want to be able to show date and time.


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A workaround (for display only) is to have a copy of the canvas column (maybe it’s called Notes) with a formula that is simply thisRow.Notes. Then you can change the display settings of that column to show preview (or not) and depending on the table, include one column or the other.

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Thanks @Ryan_Martens2 for the workaround tip. Have been employing that option already, and is a good stopgap.

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