Duplicating a Table into Canvas of another table

So I have a Doc with a Table which has 3 categories

Python, ReactJS, NodeJS
each has its own set of 10 questions which I have set in another column within the canvas.

Categories | Canvas
Python | Canvas with 10 questions Table
ReactJS | Canvas with 10 questions Table
NodeJS | Canvas with 10 questions Table

And there is another table where I add the candidates and select the Category and then I want the 10 question table to automatically get duplicated into this new candidate table’s Cell’s Canvas.

Check out these two resources and I think you’ll find something that puts you on the right path. In short, you don’t really want to add tables to a canvas column for this purpose. You really want to create a new table on it’s own to store this data and link it to the first table with relation columns. Open the rows on the examples to see that these display as tables as well.

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