Formula to create a new table and add a canvas column


Is there a formula I can use to create a new table and add a canvas column? I want to add this to the ‘value for new rows’ as a formula so that I can create an infinite levels of tables within tables

Thanks much in advance for any guidance


Hi Ashutosh,

I could be wrong, but I don’t think that would be very practical, your doc would get unwieldy very quickly with so many tables. What exactly are you trying to accomplish?

Hi Ashutosh,

There is not a formula to do that, but you can create a boilerplate table as you want it, and then copy it everything that you need it.

What you could also consider, is to set it up on a page, and the you can use the duplicate page formula to create copies.

However, Samuel raises a very valid concern about the number of tables. I have never seen a problem where a person had to few tables, but regularly see problems where people have to many tables.

Green free to share your ideas, this community has quite a few very helpful people that can act as soundboards.

Rambling Pete.

Hello Samuel

Thank for getting back to us, apologies took so long to acknowledge, was travelling

You’re right, have since ditched this approach and figured out an alternative

Thanks for the heads up!

Hello Pete,

Thanks for the suggestions, eventually got what I needed in much simpler approach like suggested


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Glad to hear, Ashutosh!

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