Duration sum goes "ago"

All the other results are correct, but this one, from September 29th it’s going “ago”. It happens when the SOUT value is smaller than 00:00

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To be able somebody to support you, it’s strongly recommended to share a dummy copy of your document to be able to troubleshoot as efficient as possible, instead of guessing what it could be.

In your case most probably the time is connected to date NOT from the same day.
Just have in mind that even when not visible, a time value has always a date connected to it

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Yes, I’ll add the copy in the future, thanks.

The problem appears, as said in previous message, when the SOUT value is prior 00:00

Dear @Alexandru_Dan

This means that SOUT always needs to be bigger then SIN.
You have always to check in before you check out.

And like I mentioned before, although you display only the time, you have to consider that even when hidden for each time there is also a date connected.

If you have case where the next day is used, you will need to use the “date - time” property of your column if these records are collected manually.

I recommend to check out this article

Hi, Jean-Pierre,

I’ve read the article and it seems that I have to put the date also so it’s a little more to work, but I’ll get the answer.


Thank you for your time!

But do you have an option on how to make the previous entries don’t look this old and more like the day that they were inserted?


Dear @Alexandru_Dan ,

The backend doesn’t recognize the year 1899, therefore it only uses the time.

Did you import the timestamps?

Depends a bit, if it is only the year to be replaced with 2021, with a bit playing around, it should be not too complicated.

If you mind sharing the list with dates, I can try next week to help you out, or if someone is earlier available, they might be able to support you.


if you are looking to have the date the record was created, you need to add a column, set the column-type to Properties > Created On.

this will show the creation time-stamp (date and time) for each record - you can then format that column using the ‘Date and time options’ menu for that column to show the date and time in the format you require


Dear @Alexandru_Dan,

Please find the sample below:

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