Dynamic control filter

Wondering if anyone has a workaround for this?

I’ve created a project/task tracker with a view that is filtered using a select control with a list of users, so folks can see their own project list. On the column filter, I used if(PersonFilter.IsBlank(),thisRow.[Assigned To]=User(),thisRow.[Assigned To]=PersonFilter) so the view filter would default to the logged in user, but toggle to other users’ lists by toggling the control. Also added a “+New Project” button referencing the filter value so that users can add new projects for each other as well as themselves.

Here’s the problem: changing the value of the select control changes every user’s view. So if I’ve selected our Marketing Director to add a project to his list, the Operations Director will land on the Marketing Director’s filter when she logs in. I want her to default to her own project list when she logs in. Otherwise she might inadvertently add a project to a list other than her own, while intending to add a project for herself.

Does anyone have a good workaround? Or is there a better way to come at this?

Dear @Phil_Owen,

I assume that the solution is in below post: